Monday, April 16, 2012

Kembrel VIP

I've been following Kembrel for a few days now... I know, I'm late to the party. Kembrel is a pretty awesome Indie clothing store based out of Philadelphia. They specialize in flash sales and have permanent benefits for their VIP card holders.

VIP Benefits

For $20 Annually
20% Off Collections
Free Shipping
Permanent Perks

If you've read this far and think you may want to check out Kembrel, you get $10 to make your first purchase, and free shipping on your first purchase. (This is the link I would use. It gets you a FREE VIP card.) (This is my own unique link to sign up for Kembrel. If you haven't already signed up, I suggest you sign up. Also, check out the ETC. section. Tons of items in the $10 range, making them free with free shipping after applying the coupon code you get in your introductory email.) (This is the link that tells about the Kembrel VIP card and lets you pay $20 for it.)

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